Music as Healing

Our goal at this time is to have Seaquam Musicians follow the example of Musicians all over the world and bring some musical healing to others.

Each week Ms. Sparrow-Ng and Ms. Tseng will post a playlist along with a photo. Sometimes we will have a theme, sometimes not.

April 6 - Songs for Family

April 13 - Instrumentals and Spring

We will also post things we find that bring us inspiration, joy, and laughter.

And from Seaquam's "Music Doctors"

The COVID19 5

A classicquestion. "What are your Desert Island 5? Meaning if you were stuck on a Desert Island, which 5 songs would you take with you?" We have renamed this our COVID19 Isolation 5. The selections of Sequam Music Students, will appear here as they come in. Stay tuned . . .


Music we would like to share . . .

If you see or hear anything musical that inspires,brings you joy or makes you laugh, and would like to share, please send it to Ms. Sparrow-Ng or Ms. Tseng and will will do our best to put it up here.