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Welcome to Seaquam Music's webpage, which provides information and useful links for students and parents. We do our best to keep it up to date, but sometimes music just takes over!

Latest News

January 10, 2022


We hope everyone had a joyous, restful, and safe holiday season. All music classes resume, Monday January 10.

Once more, we have had to shift to meet the challenges of the pandemic environment. We are sad to learn we will need to postpone our elementary concerts, and are not able to welcome spectators to our concerts at this time. But fear not, we will continue to make and share music. Should it be necessary, we are ready to livestream our Spring Concert on Thursday Feburary 24. We will keep you up to date.

Music Class Schedules for 2021-2022


Seaquam will be on a semester system timetable this coming school year. In order for Music courses for to run all year, they are scheduled outside the regular timetable.

    Wind Ensemble 10-12/IB Music 11/12
  • Wednesday 2:45 - 6:00 pm
  • Concert Band 8/9
  • Monday and Thursday 2:45 - 4:15 pm
  • Jazz Band 8-12 8/9
  • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7:30 am - 8:25 am starting Thursday February 3
  • Choir 8 - 12
  • Tuesday and Friday 2:45 - 4:15 pm

Megan McNeil Memorial Scholarship

2020 - 2021

Thanks to the efforts of Seaquam Music students and the generosity of our community, we were able to raise enough this year for our scholarship ($1000) and the BCCCPA ($500). We give heartfelt congratulations to this year's recipient Jenna Xu, and gratitude to Dave and Suzanne McNeil for their continued support of this project. If you are interested in making a dontation to this project, please contact Ms. Sparrow-Ng at the school. All donations over $25 will receive a tax receipt.



All Seaquam Music Ensembles perform numerous times throughout the school year. Seaquam students can be heard performing at a variety of venues including the Seaquam Performing Arts Centre, other schools in the Delta School District, and local music festivals.

Audience Etiquette

Audience behaviour is a very important aspect of the performing arts. Without question, all electronic devices must be turned off during the full duration of a performance in consideration of performers and other audience members.Once a performance begins, there is an expectation all audience members to remain in their seats and only return to their seats when there is a break in the performance. Talking and whispering provides distractions and is poor form. Quiet is greatly appreciated for the enjoyment of all. Remember this is not a sports venue. Thank-you for your cooperation.

Call Time

All musicians are expected to be at the venue 1 half hour before performance time unless otherwise indicated.


In accordance to professional performance standards, all music students are expected to be appropriately attired in Concert Dress Black.

Upcoming Events

Seaquam Concert Season

2021 - 2022

  • Tuesday October 5 - Squeak & Squwak/Chanalez Nouveaux
  • All Music Students
    SeaquamPerforming Arts Centre - 7:00pm

  • Wednesday November 10- Remembrance Day Ceremony
  • Wind Ensemble and Choir
    Seaquam Performing Arts Centre - 9:00 am-1:00 pm

  • Thursday November 25 - Premiere Music Concert
  • All Music Students
    Seaquam Performing Arts Centre - 7:00pm

  • Thursday February 24 - Spring Concert
  • All Music Students
    Seaquam Performing Arts Centre - 7:00 pm

  • Friday March 4 - Seaquam Music Festival
  • All Music Students
    Seaquam Performing Arts Centre - 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

  • Monday May 2 - Music Monday
  • All Music Students
    Seaquam Performing Arts Centre - 7:00pm

  • Thursday June 16 - Final Music Concert
  • All Music Students
    Seaquam Performing Arts Centre - 7:00pm


Explore the world of music.Learn to play music as well as to appreciate it. Travel opportunities are available to all Music students to share their talents to others. Students who excell will be considered for Dogwood District scholarships. All that practice time leads to "play time." It's quite an achievement to blend and coordinate sounds to make sweet music. The relationships forged in the Music room will last a life-time.

Clicking on the course name will bring up the detailed course outline for each ensemble or course.

Wind Ensemble

This ensemble is comprised of students in Grades 10, 11, and 12. While our focus is on continuing to expand musical literacy and application the emphasis in on performance with a greater number of live performances required.


This ensemble is open to all students in Grades 8 – 12 who want to sing in a choral setting. The focus of this course is on developing musical literacy –solfege, rhythm, and vocal production through performing diverse music from many choral traditions.

Concert Band

This ensemble is comprised of students in Grades 8 and 9. Our focus is on developing musical literacy – rhythmic, scales, articulation, and musical terms and being able to apply them in the performance of a variety of repertoire for Concert Band.

Jazz Band

This ensemble is for students in the Concert Band and Wind Ensemble who wish to enrich their musical experience by exploring Jazz. The focus of this ensemble is learning different jazz styles, and venturing into the world of improvisation.

IB Music

The IB Music (SL) course is part of the IB Programme (Group 6) and can be taken as part of the full diploma program or not. This program students will Explore, Experiment, and Present music from 4 Areas of Inquiry, in 3 Roles of Researcher, Creator, and Performer. Students in this course also take Wind Ensemble concurrently to fulfill the performance requirement of the course.

Life Skills Music

The students in our Life Skills program participate in a variety of musical activities including djembes, percussion, handbells, and movement. This class is guided by the students' musical interests and abilities.

Explorations 8

This course is part of our Explorations 8 program. In this course students will explore music through a variety of different instruments including – percussion, djembes, strings, and when appropriate, winds.


With the challenges imposed the past 2 years by COVID 19, Performing Arts Music Students have risen to the challenge to demonstrate that music is alive and well and propering at Seaquam via remote means. Please enjoy the links posted below:

Music Monday 2020

While we were in lockdown during we still celebrated Music Monday. All music students in the Delta School District and community members were invited to perform the Music Monday song, Hymn To Freedom combining the nightly 7:00 pm salute to Healthcare Workers. Music students in the Graduating Class of 2020 each played a segment of the song with the video clips put together by our film teacher Mr. Lai.

Music Monday 2021

A livestream concert with both live and recorded performances from ensembles from Seaquam Secondary, Cougar Canyon Elementary, Pinewood Elementary, and Sunshine Hills Elementary. The ensembles from Seaquam featured an all Canadian program with our Life Skills Music Class starting off the evening with O Canada on the handbells. Film credit goes to Seaquam students Brander Lyons and Justin Pellaers.

Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Each year the students and teachers in the Fine Arts Department collaborate to create a Remembrance Day Ceremony which honours our veterans and inspires the Seaquam Community to reflect. Film credits Brander Lyons and Justin Pellaers, with assistance from Elliot Chong, Anna Laughlin, Bowie Lyons, and Piper Minty.


Music Director

Ms. Jill Sparrow-Ng - Choir Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, IB Music, Life Skills Music, Fine Arts Department Head


11584 Lyon Road, B.C. V4E 2K4, Canada


+1 (604) 591-6166

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Music Director

Ms. Michelle Chan- Jazz Band, Explorations 8


11584 Lyon Road, B.C. V4E 2K4, Canada


+1 (604) 591-6166

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